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Now at Shappley's Embrillance Software!

"What are these “Essentials?”

  • Using your Mac or Windows PC you can:

  • Merge embroidery designs in almost any format, even while they are in. ZIPs.

  • Resize, with stitch recalculation.

  • Colorize.

  • Convert Thread Brands on your designs.

  • Add lettering in Multi-Line, Monogram and Circle modes. You can even spiral text or make really LARGE letters.

  • Save in your machine’s format.

  • Save appliques for cutting machines such as ScanNCut and Silhouette.

  • Split designs for some of the common multi-position hoops.

  • Give Project Advice for many different embroidery tasks.

  • Save working files so that you can edit text later.

  • Print real-size templates, with options to support scanning /cutting systems.

  • Overlap designs and have significant under stitching removed.

  • Run a simulator to show how your designs will sew out.

  • Import. BX files which are font design collections distributed by many digitizers.

  • Group/ Ungroup

  • Change or remove individual colors in a design.

  • Have many chances to Undo your work.

  • Fit to Hoop with stitch recalculation.

  • Align and distribute.

  • Add basting stitches to designs.

  • There are special, self-modifying designs that can be used, and some come with the program. These designs calculate their stitches as you play with them for super results!

  • Manage your threads, including marking ones you own.

  • Create Designer 1 floppy disks and USB sticks

  • Intel Mac OSX 10.6 up to current MacOS.

  • Windows XP 32-bit, Windows Vista 32/64, Windows 7, 8/8.1/10 32/64

  • Embrilliance is the only brand in the World that offers embroidery software running native on Mac and Windows 32 and Windows 64 (so it’s faster)!

  • Like all our products running in the Embrilliance Platform, you get both OSX and Windows versions with your purchase. Your license lets you run it on as many computers as you own — even mix and match Mac and Windows. No dongle required. No limits to the number of installs. And as you add products, just add the serial number to the program, and all the features are there in one program, easy to use.

  • Shappley's now is carrying Embrilliance Software!

Ask Us How We Beat the Internet!

MSRP is $149.95

MAP: $139.00 

with one on one lessons!

Limited Offer!

Call today for your copy!

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