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Powr-Flite Solar Reach Upright Vacuum

The Powr-Flite Solar Reach™ is a lightweight, versatile cleaning machine. Includes onboard tools and a telescopic wand for long-range cleaning. The Solar Reach is also equipped with a Check Bag indicator and thermal overload protector for maximum effectiveness.

Powr-Flite Solar Upright Vacuum

Ultra lightweight at 8.4 lbs, the Powr-Flite Solar™ Upright Vacuum is easy to maneuver, has auto height adjustment for various floor types, and large HEPA bag capacity means fewer bag changes.  Built with a 5.5A/660W vacuum motor rating for powerful suction with 35’ heavy duty cord.

Powr-Flite Rigel Pro Upright Vacuum

The Powr-Flite Rigel Pro™ upright vacuum is equipped to effectively suction dust and debris from both soft and hard surfaces, as well as above-the-floor areas. Quickly conquer large spaces thanks to a fingertip power switch, telescopic wand, onboard tools

Powr-Flite Rigel Deluxe Upright Vacuum

Experience powerful suction and exceptional versatility of the Powr-Flite Rigel Deluxe™ Upright Vacuum, our most quiet upright vacuum designed to minimize sound pressure without compromising performance. Includes telescopic wand plus 2 additional friction fit wands allow for 16' of tool reach with detail attachments.

Powr-Flite Borelli Dual Pro Upright Vacuum

With its dual-motor design and heavy-duty suction, this commercial upright vacuum is a true workhorse. The Powr-Flite Borelli Dual Pro™ Upright Vacuum also comes with on-board attachments, allowing you to easily clean walls, ceilings, drapes, and furniture.