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Want that new machine you've been drooling over but can't buy it right away? No problem! Shappley Sew & Vac Inc. offers a 4 month (120 day) layaway plan on all new machines and vacuums in the box.

Simply put 10% of the total (with tax) as a down payment, and we'll hold your dream machine for 120 days. You can come in-store and make payments, or we'll even take payments over the phone! It's super easy!

Need more than 120 days? If you've been making payments and still need a little more time than the original 4 month allotment, simply talk to a Shappley's salesperson to see about extending your layaway!*

*If a customer goes over the alloted 4 months with payments made, and does not contact Shappley Sew & Vac Inc. about extending their layaway time, all payments made towards the machine on layaway will be converted into a credit usable only at Shappley Sew & Vac Inc. for products sold in store.

Four Month

Layaway Plan

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