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Quilt Club

Hello to Quilt Club. July 8 class 9-11
I know this is early, but some need help and info on July and August. Cell # 870-733-4710. I answer faster as I check more frequently and checking email is limited to a couple of times per day. If you have need for instant answer, feel free to call. (Yes, I respond to quilting emergencies.)

July will be a variation of strip sets to show another use and variety. Those attending in June have the instructions already. Several have started and the blocks I have seen are gorgeous. June and July are the easiest blocks as it is vacation time. You can use any color scheme you choose. I need patriotic themed for event in April.

July supplies: 2 jelly roll strips and 1 layer cake or 3 charms
August supplies: 1 layer cake in pattern, 1 in green/ green pattern, and 1 fq in background neutral. Please bring August supplies with you in July. Will be giving homework for August class during July class.

Some components are things we have already learned. Some are new and harder which will need to be cut and ready for assembly in August. You have been practicing the hard part since May, but we will do that component in class in August. All the other components you have in your skill sets. We will trim and assemble in August class.

Feelfree to send pics of July blocks. I have had questions about August units and assembly. I will be happy to answer questions and show pics of assembly. I answer texts faster as I check more frequently.

Now to my reason for early email! Block magazine and Fons and Porter Love of Quilting magazine have both mentioned Drunkards Path and have great info. Block also has Dresden info. In October we will be doing Drunkards Path (templates can be ordered from Shappleys) and in November we will be using Dresdens for turkey tail (templates can be ordered from Shappleys). I will have mine there for both blocks in September which is the Schoolhouse block.
Looking forward to seeing you all. If you have any questions, call, text, or email.


Anne Creekmore

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