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Quilt Club

Shappley Quilt Club 


Hello Quilt Club. Our next meeting is Saturday April 13 from 9-11. We will be making totes. This is an early notification due to time needed for “homework.”

We missed you lucky spring breaking and vacationing friends. Thanks for texts and emails. This email is to get you caught up for next month. 

We will do a small and large, working on both in April and May. We have made an alteration of having a lining. You will need to have the front, batting and muslin piece quilted in columns or angled columns or any other way you like, on both pieces, then have pieces trimmed to size. Bring fabric for lining and pockets and straps. We will show constructing and placing pockets on both front and lining. We will discuss strapping and placement. In May we will assemble front and lining.
If you need an assembled front and lining, please notify me early as they take longer to make than a block. Thank you. 


If you need me or have a question:

Phone or text:  870 733 4710


Looking forward to seeing you in April. 


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