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Brother Sewing & Embroidery Combo Machines

Dream Machine 2


Brother's incredible top of the line sewing, quilting, digitizing, embroidering, crafting masterpiece.

Dreamweaver XE


Sewing, Quilting, & Embroidery with Brother's largest workspace ever. Loaded with lasers and Disney designs.

DreamCreator XE


All the space, without the frills. Get the largest workspace available plus a free roller bag and software package.

Innov-is 6x10


A fantastic mid-tier combo machine with included Disney and an all new touch screen. 6x10 maximum design capability.

Innov-is 5x7 


The 5x7 sewing and embroidery machine has been revamped with a new color touch screen and the same value you love.

Simplicity 5x7


Incredible sewing and embroidery machine packaged with BES 2 lettering software for fantastic value.

Innov-is 4x4


A beginner's paradise. This machine is the perfect size for starters with a USB port and included Disney designs.

Simplicity 4x4


The beginner's value machine. Sewing and embroidery, packaged with an extra design CD.

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