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Gallant Longarm

You started your quilt, and now you can finish it with the Baby Lock Gallant. Packed full of features, the Gallant is just what you need to complete any quilting project.

The Baby Lock Gallant longarm quilting machine features include:

  • 15" Creative workspace

  • 1,800 Stitches per minute

  • Large "M" Class Bobbin

  • Stitch Regulation

  • Villa Fram

Regent Longarm

Quilt your way, every day! The speedy, versatile Baby Lock Regent longarm quilting machine makes it easy to quilt. Regent also includes a height-adjustable table with the new Stitch Harmony™ Stitch Regulation built right in! Use Stitch Harmony for consistently-sized stitches or stitch in the manual mode. It’s the ideal longarm quilting machine for any sewing room.

The Baby Lock Regent longarm quilting machine features include:

  • Stitch Harmony Stitch Regulation

  • Large 18" Workspace

  • 2,200 Stitches Per Minute

  • "M" Class Bobbin

  • LCD Touch screen

The Gallant XL is a quilter's dream! Not only is the state-of-the-art longarm quilting machine engineered with high-tech features for speed and efficiency, but it's also designed with an 18-inch workspace to provide generous room for you quilting needs.

Gallant XL Sewing and Quilting Machine features:
  • Front handlebars with 7" touchscreen

  • Two modes of stitch regulation: precision and cruise

  • Manual thread tension control

  • Consistent stitch formation from 4-18 stitches per inch

  • Needle-stop positioning control

  • Easy software updates

  • LED Lighting

Included Accessories:
  • Open toe foot

  • Bobbin winder

  • Front handlebars

  •  Frame leader set and two side clamps

  • Quick reference card

  • Instruction & reference guide

  • Five bobbins

  • Hex keys (2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm)

  • Needle thread

Gallant XL Longarm

Regalia Longarm

Give your quilting projects the royal treatment on the Regalia-Baby Lock's largest longarm machine yet! With 20" of workspace and a lightning-fast 2,500 stitches per minute, the Baby Lock Regalia longarm quilting machine is ready to easily finish quilts of any size. It features a built-in Stitch Regulator that ensures smooth, precise stitching for a harmonious finish.

The Baby Lock Regalia longarm quilting machine features include:

  • Large 20" Workspace

  • 2,500 Stitches Per Minute

  • LCD Color Touchscreen

  • Built-In Stitch Regulator

  • Needle Beam

  • Large "M" Class Bobbin

  • Adjustable Front Handlebars

Regalia ST Long Arm Quilt- Standard Table

The Regalia ST longarm stationary quilting machine is the perfect machine to step into the world of longarm quilting. It features a large 20” throat space and two optional tables to fit your sewing preference and space. Whether you prefer to sit or stand, the Regalia ST comes with all the big features to fit in a small space and finish your quilts with ease.

The Baby Lock Regalia ST longarm quilting machine features include:

  • 20” Creative Workspace

  • Two Table Options

  • 2,500 Stitches Per Minute

  • Stitch Harmony™ Stitch Regulation

  • LCD Touch Screen